Where I’ve been

So…I haven’t uploaded anything to my author blog in a long time. But never fear, I haven’t given up on writing. Actually it’s quite the opposite. Since March I’ve spent a lot of free time reading a ton of adult romance books and also writing some super smutty adult romance books.

I’m not really going to talk about them on this blog, because…well I think if I pub them I might do them under a pen name. But it’s been a ton of fun writing books that are not YA. I love the YA books I’ve been working on under this name, but it’s been fun doing something different. I’ve actually written FOUR adult romance books and I’m working on a fifth, all in the same series, but they standalone. It’s been fun, and I don’t know maybe I can pub them but under a pen name because no way in hell is anyone in my family reading these books. There is way too much sex in them LOL!

I still am working on my YA fiction too, but I guess I am also taking a break from it, and I want to send it to some people to read. I’m working on other things so it’s not like I have completely broken up with writing, just been super busy actually doing the thing!

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