WIP check in! what is my story about?

I’m still trying to figure out how much I want to write on this blog, but since I have been writing a lot in my current WIP, I wanted to write a little check in about what I am currently working on. So for those curious, I’m going to talk first about what my story is about.

My story is a young adult contemporary romance, that I call a Sports Romance. I conceived the idea back in 2010 when the Philadelphia Flyers were making the cup run. I had the idea during a free write period in my creative writing class. The Flyers were about to lose to The Boston Bruins (but they didn’t) and I was just thinking about how hard that must be for the players and then I started thinking about what it might be like if my Dad played for the Flyers. I started thinking about Hockey Families like the Staals and the Sutters, that I ended up coming up with the Holmstrom family.

My main protagonist Maja Holmstrom comes from a hockey family and is one of six. Her dad used to play for the Philly team, but quit when her mom died. She has a twin brother named Michael, and four olders brother, two of which play hockey professionally. I’ve gone back and forth on if I should use the actual NHL team names, or if I should make up names, but most of the things I read said it’s better to use fictionalized names. Let me tell you coming up with fake Hockey teams is hard! I think I’m going to sneak in the real names for the NWHL because I want people to know about the women’s team. And I hope to name drop a lot of the players, because I want to promote them.

The main conflict in the story is that Maja’s ex has become obsessive and is constantly texting her to get back together with her, but she has no desire to do so. I think the main reason I came into this idea is because it kind of happened to me in high school. I dated this dude for two years, but he was just a little too much that I ended up dumping him TWICE! The first time he convinced me to take him back, but the second time I was done. At the time I just had flip phone, but I didn’t have a texting plan, so I had to pay any time I opened a text. He KNEW this, but kept on texting me and getting angry that I wasn’t opening them. Eventually he gave up, but in my story I dramatized the situation so Maja’s ex doesn’t give up. So much that she decided to go visit her brothers who live in Canada. I did say it was a love story, right? Oh yeah, her oldest brother has a junior hockey player living in his basement and him and Maja get close during her visit.

I originally finished this story and started querying it in 2012 and 2013, but I got a lot of rejections. I actually queried another book before this one, but gave up on it, because it just wasn’t that good. This is actually my third book I have written. I started going back to try to figure out what to fix in 2014, but at the time work was insane that I ended up putting it aside for a couple years. I got really discouraged about my writing, but last year I started listening to 88 Cups of Tea podcast and got really motivated to start working on it again. The story I queried several years ago is now completely different, and I have to admit I don’t think I was really ready back then. I’m still not sure I’m quite ready yet. I just know I’m really enjoying working on it.

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