Dealing with Rejection

Being a writer is really hard, and I think one of the hardest things to deal with is when you get rejection. So I had seriously been querying my book when I first finished it back in 2012 and 2013, but then I just got overwhelmed with work (I worked legit 7 days a week), my long distance relationship, and all the rejections, that I kind of gave up on it. I started coming back to my story again in 2014, but I just felt like it wasn’t in the cards for me and I kind of gave up writing, but recently I had more motivation to write again.

I recently gutted my novel and rewrote most of it. I’m feeling a lot better about it, but I’m still unsure about it. Is my opening good enough? Is this a novel that an agent will look at and be able to sell? It’s really hard, and I still want people to read it for me and tell me their thoughts, but I’m really feeling down about the book right now. I’ve been toying with rewriting the intro, but every time I do it sounds worst than what I have. This is a third manuscript I’ve written, and I LOVE this story, but I’m wondering if this one might be one I add to the pile and just move on with.

All of these really cool thoughts are coming on because I submitted to some pitch contests recently and had agent interest…but like a day later I got a rejection. That makes me feel like what I gave must have been really bad if she responded so quickly. It sucks, and I hate feeling this like, and I know that rejection is a part of the process, but sometimes it’s just really hard. So how do you push past it? You are supposed to just continue to write! Sometimes that is the hardest thing for me to do though especially when I am thinking, “Is it even worth it?” Or start thinking maybe my writing is just really god awful and I will never get published. My brain basically hates me.

I do want to read through Hooked by Les Edgerton, a book that talks about writing the best introduction before I query again. I also want to really do more research on writing the best query letter, and for synopsis before I really get into this stuff again. Rejection is always going to be a part of this process and even when I get an Agent, I know that is not going to change, it’s just super hard to push past!

2 thoughts on “Dealing with Rejection

  1. Keep going. It’s not the talented-only who get published, it’s the ones with grit. I’m on rejection 47 and have 2 agents looking at my full. Querying sucks worse than anything, but it’s our gauntlet. Best to you! 🙂


    1. Thanks! it just really bummed me out, but I don’t think I’m ready yet still!


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